Win9x & shutdown problems

Ludwig Meyerhoff ludwig at
Mon Jun 12 15:01:57 GMT 2000


About the problems with Win95c and Win98 hanging while shutdown.
While there is a bugfix for Win98, there is not for Win95c (win95b did not make such problems).
So I wroked out following workaround:
1. using poledit, disable the "close Windows" options (Local user, Shell, Restrictions)
2. Make a batchfile with following content:
  net use d: /delete /yes
  net use e: /delete /yes
  net use z: /delete /yes
  if %1 == 1 start rundll user,exitwindows
  if %1 == 2 start rundll user,exitwindowsexec

3. Make two links to this batchfile in the Programs-folder in the Startmenue
  one to make a shutdown, the batchfile hast to be started with parameter 1
  one to make a reboot, the batchfile has to be started with parameter 2

This seems to work. There may come up a message Windows complaining the DOS-screen has to be closed before 
shutdown. Simply click "OK" and the shutdown will continue.

of course it may be nicer if you simply unmap the drives you actually mapped, but if you have
drive mapping in a logonscript (domain logons!), the mapping may change quite quickly - changing the
shutdown-batch on each single computer may take a lot of time.

Hope this may help some desperate admin whose bosses do not want to spend the money for an upgrade from
Win95c to Win98r2 with bugfix.


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