Won't connect at start with Wndows 98 and storage of profiles

Peter Samuelson peter at cadcamlab.org
Sun Jun 11 13:08:43 GMT 2000

[Iain Stevenson <iain at IainStevenson.com>]
> When I start the PC, it displays the login screen (I have 3 user
> profiles) and I enter the username and login domain (ie the one
> operated by Samba).  I get an error message stating that the domain
> login server can't be found.  If I then cancel the login, go to the
> start menu and log off, then login there is no problem.  Any clues as
> to why my PC won't authenticate at power up but seems happy to later?

Sounds like a browsing problem.  The PC is sending out requests for a
domain controller and not getting replies back soon enough.  Eventually
it gets the reply so the next time it will know where your server is.

The various browsing options are confusing, but when faced with
browsing problems, two things stand out to me: (a) Thou Shalt Not Run
nmbd From Inetd; (b) When in doubt, run WINS.  (A WINS environment is
übereasy to set up -- one parameter in smb.conf, plus either one setup
field on each Windows box or one line in your dhcpd.conf.)

> I was also quite dismayed at the size of the "Outlook.ost" file
> created in the user directory on my Linux server - about 57Mbytes for
> no discernable content!  Can I do anything about this?

Besides switching to a different email client, I don't know.


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