setup for file access

Millers millers at
Sat Jun 10 16:13:56 GMT 2000

I would like to setup the following:
The setup -
2 Linux servers (1 internet gateway, dialup access and email (;
the other a training server (
1 Novell NetWare 5 server File and Print (running TCP/IP and IPX)
1 NT 4 Server (setup as a server not domain) Fax access (

Win98 PC that dials into the Linux internet gateway server (

When I dial-in I'm given the address mentioned above by the server, what I
would like to do is have access from the home PC to the Linux server to use a file on this server.

I'm running Samba on all Linux boxes and can see the shares from the LAN,
but I cannot see any of the shares from the home PC.

Question do I have to have the .rhost fle or any other file in either the
home or shared directory on the Linux servers?

Any help in this area would be greatly appreciated.

Using Putty I can ping any of the workstations or servers from the main
Linux server (



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