Binary distributions

Peter Samuelson peter at
Sun Jun 11 03:24:38 GMT 2000

[Marillier, Allan <Allan.Marillier at>]
> I know how to create Solaris pkginstallable bundles, but not how to
> create AIX packages.

If you have the fileset "bos.html.en_US.prog_gds.prog_bos" from the
"Base Documentation" CD, read this chapter:


(Or look in the same location on the CD itself.)

Also you will want to look at `lppbuild', a set of scripts designed to
automate AIX packaging to some degree:

I started down this road some time ago, with an eye for coming up with
packaging scripts for Samba and other software I use a lot.  I
concluded that good, clean, professional packaging (i.e. "much more
than just tarballs") is too much trouble to hack up compared to what
else I could be doing with my time. (:


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