Trouble with MS Excel files on samba share

Tulipant Gergely tulipant-gergely at
Fri Jun 9 15:08:36 GMT 2000

> We are testing a basic setup using samba 2.0.6 from the SuSE Linux
> distribution (Ver. 6.3).

> Open the file first time -> o.k.
> Save the file first time -> o.k.
> Open the same file again -> o.k.
> Save the same file again -> Excel claims no write permission or loosing
> the Network connect

I guess that's because of a bug in Samba that we fixed in 2.0.7. Try 
upgrading. I've only seen this problem when the buggy Inoculan virus 
scanner tried to access files with the wrong TID. (I'd appreciate if anyone 
could help me get thru Inoculan "support", anyway.)

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