Smbmnt Problems

Karthikeyan.K.V kkarthikeyan at
Thu Jun 8 22:46:55 GMT 2000

Hi ,
     Iam experiencing problems with samba mount of a NT system.Iam using
samba2.0.5a.I have mounted a NT 4.0 Sp 5 shared folder on a Red Hat linux
6.1 machine.Iam mounting using the "mount -t smb" command  the NT shared
folders.Iam able to mount and work in a default way.But here is some of the
problems i face in it.
1.Sometimes the smb mount gets dropped and i have to remount the shared
drive again in Linux .
2.Iam not able to give the user rights to write on the shared drive, because
it lets only the root do it.
3.This is the weirdest problem , i have seen,The files are stored in the
mounted directory(shared folder in an NT server),when i keep on working
suddenly all the files are not visible.When i type "ls -al" it shows no
files, but i can do cat "filename" and the file shows up.I know the files
exist, but don't know why it is not appearing,Sometimes when i create a new
file in that directory the other files appear, but this is not the case
always.The work is java based, but i don't know whether that causes any

Appreciate your inputs or any pointers or link to solve these problem.


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