Samba and Linux ACLs

Andreas Gruenbacher a.gruenbacher at
Thu Jun 8 09:35:23 GMT 2000

Hi Samba folks,

let me first introduce myself. I'm the guy behind <>, the Linux
ACL patch. (The other patch at
<> seems pretty much history
BTW). A lot of work has gone into that project; we're approaching a very stable
release soon...

Now people keep asking me over and over again about ACL support in Samba. Is
there any working code yet? Which platforms are you going to support?

I'd be very interested in Linux ACL support in Samba. If any of you guys want to
discuss ACL issues, feel free to use the Majordomo list <acl-devel at>,
email me, etc.


 Andreas Gruenbacher, a.gruenbacher at
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