SAMBA digest 2549 / Important Question

Axel Neumann amn at
Thu Jun 8 07:50:26 GMT 2000

Carlos Barbosa wrote:

>Hi Samba Team.
>I'm Carlos Barbosa, from Portugal.
>I have a question to make you.

>My next project is to implement a System that will be a File Server ,
>and all the Macintosh and PC machines, can access to all the files.
>Will be a big Server (bi-processor), with a great storage system ( +300 GB 
>Automated DLT tape Library ).
>Though this, I have a problem : The Operating System that can manage this,
>with the best I think that SCO Open Server
>is a good (the best for this type of solution) operating system, but
>I need to share the Server with MACs and PCs.

>Did you know if SAMBA is a good solution to the SCO Open Server system ?

>Please tell me about.

>Thank you
>Best Regards

>Carlos Barbosa
>Guerreiro DDB Publicidade Lda
>Rua da Junqueira 225
>1349-020 Lisboa
>Tel  : 21 362 11 25
>Fax : 21 362 21 12
>mailto:cbarbosa at


I am using Samba on SCO OpenServer 5.05 without any problems, but certain 
things have to be taken care of.

1. Do not use the Samba binary provided by SCO via Skunkware. It is version 
2.05a and this version will not run on a SMP system. All newer versions 
(including the actual 2.0.7) will work, but you have to compile it 
2. If you are using lp- and lpr-printing together you have to specify a 
separate Samba printcap-file for the dummy entries. Otherwise you will get 
some stupid error messages doing lpstat.
3. If you want that the users should have full control on printing their 
documents you have to provide them with lp authorizations.
4. AFAIK there is no support for oplocks so you have to disable oplocks and 
kernel oplocks in your smb.conf.


Axel Neumann

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