Important Question

Carlos Barbosa cbarbosa at
Wed Jun 7 09:33:40 GMT 2000

Hi Samba Team.
I'm Carlos Barbosa, from Portugal.
I have a question to make you.

My next project is to implement a System that will be a File Server ,
and all the Macintosh and PC machines, can access to all the files.
Will be a big Server (bi-processor), with a great storage system ( +300 GB ,
Automated DLT tape Library ).
Though this, I have a problem : The Operating System that can manage this,
with the best I think that SCO Open Server
is a good (the best for this type of solution) operating system, but
I need to share the Server with MACs and PCs.

Did you know if SAMBA is a good solution to the SCO Open Server system ?

Please tell me about.

Thank you
Best Regards

Carlos Barbosa
Guerreiro DDB Publicidade Lda
Rua da Junqueira 225
1349-020 Lisboa
Tel  : 21 362 11 25
Fax : 21 362 21 12
mailto:cbarbosa at

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