Win95 deleting files

Sarel J. Botha sjbotha at
Wed Jun 7 09:24:50 GMT 2000

I've got a problem here with a Samba server and Win95 machine. Every now
and then a file disappears off the samba server right after it was accessed
from the Win95 machine. Or, the file gets corrupted. It looks like it only
happens with Excel files, but I can't be certain because Excel is also the
most often used tool.

I'm pretty certain it's not a problem on the server, because there are a
few other Win98 machines on the network and they work fine.

Anyone have any idea what I can try? Would it help to turn on debugging?
What would be a recommended debug level in this situation?

Thanks everyone
Sarel Botha
sjbotha at

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          fix one bug, compile it again...
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