Chris Hardy chardy at vcn.com
Tue Jun 6 21:14:36 GMT 2000

Well I've tried everything that was suggested with my printer (HP4MP,
That has a postscript interpiter). Including installing lprng, and ifhp,
and no go.. If I just print from linux, (lpr -P filename.ps) it prints
beautifully.  If I print with the filters, I will either get just the
Win98 Print test logo then some junk, or I get a stack overflow error
Illegal Character @@   .. If I get rid of the filter, then I get the
Win98 Print test logo, and then wrong characters, but a page full of
them.  Anymore ideas before I give up on this projecT?

"Over my dead body."
"That's the idea."
                -- Han Solo & Greedo
                   "Star Wars : A New Hope"

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