NT authentication

Christophe.JELGER at colmar.uha.fr Christophe.JELGER at colmar.uha.fr
Tue Jun 6 15:47:21 GMT 2000


I am new to the list so please forgive my stupid questions about SAMBA. For
information, I work in a university in France as a network engineer.

I installed the SAMBA server on a FreeBSD 4.0 machine.

The server works well.

The problem is that I cannot authenticate the users when they try and connect
from an NT workstation (SP6a).

SAMBA server is in a NT domain (DUMMY_DOMAIN). The machine account has been
created within the domain. SMBPASSWD has been used with -j option to join the

The NT PDC is called DUMMY_PDC. In smb.conf password server was set to DUMMY_PDC
(and DUMMY_BDC). With either security = server or domain users cannot
authenticate from an NT workstation. It DOES work from another UNIX client using

In the log file the error says : NT_STATUS_WRONG_PASSWORD

Of course I type the right password ;-)

Once again, it does work from another UNIX client using the same authentication


Can anybody help me? The NT PDC is an NT4 server with SP6a. Is there a problem
with MSCHAP, CHAP or PAP authentication method ?



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