Samba bottlenecks

David Collier-Brown David.Collier-Brown at
Tue Jun 6 12:30:07 GMT 2000

Jörgen Persson wrote:
| As my network grows I'll probably find Samba bottlenecks sooner
| or later - such as saturated bandwidth, internal I/O, bloated 
| user database. Are there any signs to read foretelling the 
| apocalypse? Are the any viable solutions?

	The easy way is to sanity-check your config based
	on (a) a lit of the hardware's best delivered transfer
	rates and (b) a good guess at what the clients require.

	The proactive way is to measure now and predict what
	will fail. 

	The scary way is to wait and try and debug it at the time (;-))

	I'm researching the second way on Solaris as we speak: send me
	mail!  The first way is touched on in
	and I have a paper on the third.

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