Time Synchronisation

Mac dmccann at nibsc.ac.uk
Tue Jun 6 11:01:46 GMT 2000

Hi all,

>Just had another thought after I sent this.  From what you said, I am
>assuming that the timestamp is 1 hour earlier than the real/windows time.
>You also said the UNIX box is set to BST.  Is BST something like British
>Standard Time?  If so, your UNIX box is the one that needs to be adjusted
>for daylight savings.  My earlier comment of checking the output of net time
>may show this.  Timezones on UNIX are always a bit confusing, look at the
>manpages about TIMEZONE.

This need correcting immediately.

BST = British Summer Time   (NOT 'Standard' time).

the normal timezone in the UK is GMT (Greenwich Mean Time, the "base"
time for all timezones).  BST is GMT+1 and applies between the last Sunday
in March and the last Sunday in October (01:00 GMT in both cases).  (EU
Seventh Directive 94/21/EC defines these dates in all member states)

Your timezone variable should read:-


(the reason that there's a '2' at the end is because the time to switch
out of the alternate timezone is based on the time in the alternate
timezone, not the normal timezone) (the reason it says 'BST-1' is just
the oddness of the way UNIX denotes timezones.  BST _is_ ahead of GMT).

Hope this helps

(BTW, is the TZ variable correct in the environment that the Samba
Daemon runs in?)

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