lost hosts

Byoungsoo Shim simsimh at sigmacom.co.kr
Mon Jun 5 21:26:16 GMT 2000

Dear samba.
I am Byoungsoo Shim who is programmer in Sigmacom in Seoul.
I usally develop programs on the Microsoft operating system base. But currently I use linux for file server.
It has samba version 2.0.7.
Mostly the server has no problem. However, sometimes, all host of our networw group could not be shown. And then when I reboot the linux server, we can see hosts on our network group.

My another question is that I would like to share a folder likes that one user group can write and read in the shared folder, another user group group can read only in it and the rest user groups can not access it.
How do I configure smb.conf?

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