nmbd.pid filename is not configurable. why?

Troy Hakala troy at cookpoint.com
Sat Jun 3 19:36:35 GMT 2000

i am using IP aliasing to serve 2 IP addresses on the same machine. and i want both IPs to be accessible from Windows machines via a NetBIOS name. but to do this, I need to run 2 instances of nmbd each using a different smb.conf where each only listens on one IP address.

However, nmbd always uses nmbd.pid as the pid file and the second instance of nmbd fails to run because it sees that another instance of nmbd is already running. and looking at the source for nmbd.c, the name "nmbd" is hardcoded (version 2.0.7, line 804), so it can't even be configured at runtime to use another pid file.

this seems like a bug, rather than a missing feature, given that smb.conf seems to support this with the "bind interfaces only" and "interfaces" directives.

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