can we setup a proxy user in samba

George Reddy Gopu ggopu at
Fri Jun 2 14:44:55 GMT 2000

Hi Samba,

I want use samba for file sharing between, Solaris 2.6 and NT domanins. The 
end user, NT application processes need to access the file system which on 
Solaris. So I dont want create/add every user who wants to access to 
filesystem by authenticating NT user name. I just want create a proxy user 
on samba, who ever connects, I mean irrespective of any NT login name, they 
should be able to login using this proxy user login of samba. That means, I 
don't want enter any NT user name, but by using proxy user, they should be 
able to access the file system.

George R Gopu
Oracle & Siebel Systems Architect

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