SAMBA digest 2543

Ludwig Meyerhoff ludwig at
Fri Jun 2 00:25:29 GMT 2000


>In your DHCP configuration, tell the clients about this state of
>affairs.  Assuming you use the ISC dhcpd, put this in dhcpd.conf:
>  # Win95 bug: must have two NBNS servers.  Put the one in twice.
>  option netbios-name-servers ip.of.NBNS.server ip.of.NBNS.server;
>  option netbios-node-type 8;
BTW, I have a ISC dhcpd 2 server running and I give several infos to the workstations like
gateway, WINS server (samba) and so on to use so I do not need to configure all the computers
each time I intsall them again - I hoped. Sadly, I am forced to configure anyway since each computer
should get a different Netbios-name and I do not know how to set this up.

Any hint?



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