ipc$ problem

don_mccall at hp.com don_mccall at hp.com
Thu Jun 1 18:18:04 GMT 2000

Hi Mathias,
You have specified that you want to use encrypted passwords in your
smb.conf file.  I note also that you have no 'security=' in your
smb.conf, which means that it is going to look for your smbpasswd file
to verify the encrypted password that the clients are going to send. NT
and Win95 client oneway encryption algorythm is completely different
from the algorythm used to encrypt passwords on a u*ix /etc/passwd, so
you have to create this file by hand, or one of the other methods that
are mentioned in the following reference: Check out "Using Samba" from
O'Reilly publishing (Robert Eckstein,David Collier-Brown and Peter
Kelly, authors)Chapter 6.  The passwords section starting on page 171
will give you what you need.  The 2.0.7 release you can get to from
www.samba.org  comes with this book in html format, or you can purchase
it at your favorite bookstore - or you can check the man pages that come
with samba - but this is not for the timid....
Hope this helps,

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