"add user script" problem

glasnost glasnost at br.crashed.net
Thu Jun 1 17:27:21 GMT 2000

Hi. I am trying to set up samba on an NT domain so that the linux box samba is running from will host home directories for NT users.  We wanted this to be transparent: i.e. we wont have to make accounts for each user manually.  It appeared that samba has an option to make this work .. "add user script" which automatically makes unix accounts for the users if the NT domain verifies them.

So I set this up.  I have been testing with some NT users ; and they are getting authenticated properly by the NT password server (when i enter the wrong password, the error shows up in the log, when i enter the right password , nothing shows up in the log).  These users do not already have unix accounts on the samba machine.  

However, the "add user script" did not seem to ever get run.  I made a wrapper script that just appends a debug line to a log file, and this confirmed that the add user script never gets run.  I've exhausted all the options that seemed relevant to this problem in man smb.conf, so if anyone has any ideas what I'm doing wrong, I'd love to hear them =) ... Its probably something really stupid.

Will send smb.conf on request...

Aaron Krowne

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