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Jim Krebs jkrebs at inwave.com
Thu Jun 1 16:39:46 GMT 2000

I am attempting to configure Samba on a RedHat 5.2 Linux box. I have successfully set up visability to the NT / 98 workstations, and created shares which can be seen from those stations.

I currently have 5 Novell servers on my net locally, and 2 remotes. On each server there is an directory mapped to Y:\ which is used for files which must, from time to time, be accessed by all users. These files are virus updates, Microsoft Office program files ( for setting up new functionality) etc. On one server this directory is over 4G, on the rest it is 2 - 3 G. To set up a separate Novell server with necessary hardware and licences to combine these directories (the combined total is only 4 - 5 G because of duplication) would be cost prohibitive. Excellent oppertunity for a good Penguinista (living in a company full of AS/400 and Windows fanatics) to give Linux (and Samba) a foot in the door.

What I need to do is create a share which ignores usernames and / or passwords passed from the Windoze stations as they connect. Creating a read only share completely open to all stations. Is this possible? I realize I could simply add each user in the net as a Samba user with his/her password, but maintenance on this would be a serious problem. 

Second question is: must the person have an account on the Linux box to have an account on the Samba?

Really appreciate any help possible

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