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Vincent Kuo vincentemail at ms3.pchome.com.tw
Thu Jun 1 10:21:23 GMT 2000

Dear all:
    I am using samba-2.0.6 in Linux 2.0.38 and 2.2.14 kernel. I use the samba as a SMB server. All microsoft PCs are the clients. I found one problem:
    If I enable "IP Sec" (VPN: IP Security) in MS-Windows 2000, it would make the "Network Neighborhood" couldn't see the Samba Server.
    Although I thought that may be the IP layer's problem, it makes the samba can't receive any IP packets. But I want to find a solution in this. Maybe change the IP layer's code.
    --> Is there anyone know any informations about the "IP Sec" in Linux. Maybe I can enable the "IP Sec" feature in Linux.
    Any feedback is welcome. Thanks.

Vincent Kuo

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