NT Domain Problems....

Panyarak Ngamsritrakul panya at me.psu.ac.th
Thu Jun 1 05:33:00 GMT 2000

Dear All,

I am in the process of setting up a group of computers using NT clients
and a Samba server running as PDC.  I am trying to set up permissions in
NT clients so that the domain users has limited access to resources in
each NT clients.

Each time the domain users log into the domain, the NT client will ask for
the local user name and password so that the user will have access to the
local share, but it denies all logins...

I think it is the problem of setting up share permissions of the local
resources...  But I cannot figure our how I can do it..

When I login as Administrator in NT clients, it says that local C$ is a
share to all users, but the NT clients just cannot recognize any account
in the domain...  Have I forgot anything ????

Please help.  Thanks.

Panyarak Ngamsritragul
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Prince of Songkla University.

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