Samba 2.0.7 & Transfer speeds

David Collier-Brown David.Collier-Brown at
Mon Jul 31 19:38:02 GMT 2000

infernix wrote:
> Copying a 107MB mp3 file takes almost 4 minutes (238 seconds) 
> when I copy it with samba. 
[Using windows explorer under Windows 2000 --dave]

> With FTP, it takes 27 seconds.
> 238 divided by 27 = 8.5 times slower.

	Ho boy, that's bad.

> I have several machines available to do testing, but you'd have to let me
> know how and what. I am a linux sysadmin so i know the drill, but i wouldn't
> know what to look for regarding samba ;)

	Sure: try a copy from & from  a unix machine using 
	smbclient and ftp to the samba machine: the samba 
	transfers should be slow, the ftp fast. 

	If this is true we have a samba problem that is not
	specific to the client you use.

	If it is false, it's specific to Windows 2000
	and samba.

	I'm going to cc this to the samba at list,
	too, as someone there might recognize what we find...

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