Announcing Sambastat

Omer Shenker oshenker at
Sun Jul 30 00:19:20 GMT 2000

I've written a framework for Samba log analysis called Sambastat. The
Sambastat engine merely feeds log entries to analysis modules. When it's
done, it asks them for HTML and sticks it together. So long as all the log
files are in chronological order (they might not be if the time was changed
between log entries), the reporting modules will get all the entries in
chronological order no matter which files the entries come from.

Right now the only analysis module written is an example that produces some
simple statistics about the Sambastat process itself. Thus, only developers
will be interested in the project in its current state. With your help and
code contributions, I'm sure Sambastat will soon be much more useful.

I've thrown up a project on SourceForge. You can get Sambastat from the CVS
tree there, and join the mailing list.

Omer Shenker                     oshenker at

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