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> You wrote:
> [...]                           would like to know if it is possible
> | to setup Samba to check if a %U.bat exists for user %U.  If no such
> batch
> | file exists, default.bat should be used.  This would less of a pain
> of
> | creating a seperate batch file for a user that only requires generic
> logon
> | scripts.
>         You can do the equivalent with (root) preexec,
>         by looking to see if user fred has a fred.bat,
>         and putting in a link if not.
>         Of course, the preexec will run every time,
>         causing an initial delay when connecting to
>         the share.
> --dave
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I have a script similar to what your looking for, but its written in
perl. It's run using "root preexec" in a netlogon share and is executed
when a MS windows user logs on.

I have two different groups of users that need different logon scripts
depending on which unix group they belong to.
Before it does anything, checks to see if the .bat file already exists
so it won't overwrite any customizations done by the user.

I can send you this if your interested.


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