M$ Photodraw 2000 brings box to a crawl

David Collier-Brown David.Collier-Brown at canada.sun.com
Fri Jul 28 13:42:46 GMT 2000

LTho wrote:
> One of my users is using Microsoft Photodraw 2000 ver  She
> can save to the samba server 3, maybe 4 times, after that the box
> slows to a crawl; everybody starts getting semaphore timeouts on their
> boxes, and linux activities slow to a crawl.

	On Linux, I'd connect from a test client, find the 
	right smbd process (using smbstatus and ps) and
	run strace on it as you access the file.

	Watching the trace should give you a hint as to what's
	happening at a very low level.  If you want to
	go "lower", look at packet captures.  If you want
	to go "higher", set log level = 3 and use tail -f on
	the smbd logs.

> Anyone ever hear anything like this?  Any ideas what to do to fix it.
> Other that quit using Photodraw (yeah, right)
	I haven't heard of the program, so I can't suggest
	a good replacement (;-))

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