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David L Kindred (Dave) d.kindred at telesciences.com
Thu Jul 27 17:45:46 GMT 2000

>>>>> "Dave" == Dave Olker <dave_olker at hp.com> writes:

    Dave> Omer Shenker wrote:

    >> On Tue, 25 Jul 2000 09:30:52 -0400 (EDT) David L Kindred (Dave)
    >> wrote:
    >> > Does anyone have any log analysis tools? ...

    >> If anyone is doing this, I'd be happy to help. If not, I'd
    >> consider starting an effort, though I'm not sure I'd have time to
    >> do it all the Right Way.

    >> -- Omer Shenker oshenker at iname.com

    Dave> I submitted a tool called CIFSSTAT which does some log file
    Dave> analysis. ...

    Dave> Since submitting the tool I haven't seen any feedback on it.
    Dave> I submitted it to samba-patches and samba-technical back on
    Dave> July 6th.  If you need me to re-post the tool let me know and
    Dave> I can do that.

I was able to grab a copy of your message from the samba-patches Web
Site - Thanks.

I've never bothered looking at what the various higher logging levels
would give you, so I never realized you could get the kind of details
you're reporting on!  I'll re-configure one (at least) of my servers and
see what's happening.

Based on the low level of responses, I guess I'll have to start working
on the bits (whether as an extension of your tool or as a companion) to
give me the client/connection information I'm looking for.

I'll let you all know when (if) I come up with anything useful.

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