still very slow (MS Word and Excel only)

David Collier-Brown David.Collier-Brown at
Thu Jul 27 12:29:16 GMT 2000

Robert Gehr wrote:
| I still have the problem while openig MS Word and Excel files. When
I do so
| for the first time, Excel or Word comes up and once
| the Applicaion has loaded it displays a grey screen whit the hour
glass. It
| take up to 15s or more to even open a small Word
| document say 20K or so. Once the thing has been opened the
Application is
| closed and another document gets selected via the NT Explorer which
is much
| bigger say 5M it gets loaded real quick. If I close everything and
wait for
| longer time e.g. 30 min. the thing is slow again. I checked the logs
| all I could find is this:

	Is this a newish word/excel or a new windows release,
	by any chance?

	Try turning log level up to 3 and sending us a snippit
	of the log: if that doesn't work we'll have you capture

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