My program hang as it reads the .dbf file

David Collier-Brown David.Collier-Brown at
Thu Jul 27 12:22:05 GMT 2000

rbnemo wrote:
| I have a clipper .exe on every workstation which is a hybrid of
Win95 and
| Win98. The application runs on dos box.  The main purpose of the app
is to
| verify the status of members, thus reading a .dbf file on a linux
| 6.0) with samba.
| Mine app just hang when verifying. What should i do?

	First of all, make sure that ordinary files can be
	grabbed from that share.

	Then, turn log level up to 3 to get verbose Samba logs,
	and run the .exe, allowing it to stay hung for several

	While running the .exe, look at the smbd log using tail -f,
	and see what Samba is up to.  Feel free to mail me the
	last 20 lines or so of the log...

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