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Joel Handler jhandler at
Thu Jul 27 11:40:12 GMT 2000

We are currently running a windows 2000 domain.  We have a samba server (not
part of the domain) that serves as a file server.  We are able to change the
Unix security definitions for files via the GUI security tab, but we have
trouble using the cacls command.

	We are able to set the Unix everyone permissions via:
		cacls filename /T /E /D Everyone

	However, I am not able to set either the Unix user or group permissions.
It returns an error "No mapping between account names and security IDs was

	The Microsoft site describes this error as an NT pre SP4 problem and was
fixed in sp4.  (see

	I have also tried using the chmod command part of the Microsoft Windows
Services for Unix 2.0.  This reported no errors, but also had no effect....

	Any ideas...

Joel Handler

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