Using a username map option

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Wed Jul 26 14:56:20 GMT 2000

Using a username map option

Hi all Samba users,

I cannot use a %SUBJ corectly, I thing.
I have defined a Linux user user1.
I have define main CONF file for samba including INCLUDE options via 
variable %U.
In %SUBJ I hve defined :

	user1 = user2

where user2 is user requested from win95 client.
For user1 is defined a BAT file vith mapping commans
when I tried to lonon as user2, I am not possible to use a BAT file 
(not mapping a [homes] share) and wasnot include a include file 
"Hard definition" in CONF file is OK (not depends on some variables), 
password for user2 is used for user1,

I am thinking, that this option is for complete switch identity of 
users (here from user2 to user1 in Linux).

Is that behavior corerct or is something wrong on "my side" ?



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