security=user and remote networks

David LANDGREN david.landgren at
Wed Jul 26 07:50:41 GMT 2000

|[David LANDGREN <david.landgren at>]
|> Before, when security=share, they were able to connect to various
|> 'guest ok=yes' shares, but now that security=user, they are locked
|> out. What can I do to let them have access again? Do I have to create
|> user accounts for all of them on the Sun, or is there some other way
|> around this (given that they won't ever use any authenticated
|> shares).
|  map to guest = bad user
|which may well be what you want.

I managed to figure this out by myself (isn't this always the way?)
Curiously enough, the only thing I had to do was

     hosts allow =


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