Nmblookup trouble

Peter Samuelson peter at cadcamlab.org
Tue Jul 25 09:48:25 GMT 2000

[andrew morgan <morgan at orst.edu>]
> Maybe I'm missing some detail here, but can't you get that
> information from the smbstatus program?  Or would your script allow
> you to do lookups even if the machine did not have any samba shares
> mounted?

Yeah, the point is to find a user logged into any machine in the
namespace.  This is how Windows finds you for "NET SEND /USER", print
spool notification, stuff like that.  Obviously you can't use it for
anything very important, since a single user can be logged onto
multiple machines so you can't easily know which you want.  (Windows
just picks the first one it finds.)

  [Mike Brodbelt]
> > Some time ago, I wrote a small script based on some information on
> > one of the Samba lists, which let me figure out which machine a
> > user was logged in on.

Looks good.  (It should.  It's from one of my posts. (: )

> > This has recently stopped working, and I'm at a loss as to why -
> > node status queries seem to simply fail on my network these
> > days.

If you're relying on WINS, you need to tell nmblookup explicitly, as it
seems to ignore `wins server' and `wins support' in smb.conf.  Use
"nmblookup -R -U{wins.ip.addr}".  I would call this a nmblookup bug,
but there might have been a reason to ignore these params.

Otherwise it sounds like you just have problems with browsing.
Browsing problems are many and varied so you'll need to do some


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