Multihome WINS Registration

Peter Samuelson peter at
Mon Jul 24 05:37:37 GMT 2000

[Josh Durham <jmd at>]
>   workgroup = AOE
>   security = DOMAIN
>   password server = PDCSERVER
>   local master = No
>   domain master = No
>   browse list = Yes 
>   wins server =

OK....  Except, don't you want `password server = pluto,pdcserver'?

>	HERMES(00h)
>	HERMES(03h)
>	HERMES(20h)
> I would like it to register with the PDC, since
> everyone can get to it with that address.

It may help to specify `interfaces =,'

> Also, what is the best way to get the SMB traffic to use Subnet B if
> it can? (IE, between Pluto and Hermes, for example.)  I tried using
> LMHOSTS on NT and UNIX, but to no avail.

What is your `name resolve order' parameter?  Make sure it lists
LMHOSTS before WINS.  (To look up the defaults on parameters you
haven't specified, `testparm -s | grep' is your friend.)

> I'd like to keep the WINS server on the NT Server, since that address
> is statically entered on all the workstations.

Migrate to DHCP!  I say this only partly in jest.  DHCP is pretty much
essential for long-term management of a network of a decent size.
Changing things like WINS servers becomes very easy, then.


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