Yu-Kang Tsao nathanatwork at yahoo.com
Fri Jul 21 20:03:42 GMT 2000

Dear SAMBA team:

                   I have a question about SAMBA
because I install red hat linux 6.2 server in our
server and it is in the NT LAN.  I try to let other NT
machine log in to that linux server through Reflection
X.  So I choose SAMBA.  I would want to know that does
SAMBA support XDMCP ?  Because Reflection X use
XDMCP broadcast and it can detect other servers on our
NT LAN.   And if SAMBA supports XDMCP, how could I
"turn it on " so that it can respond the XDMCP
broadcast made from my NT workstation and later on
maybe connect to it from NT workstation.  Thank you.



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