Reg Smbmount.

Urban Widmark urban at
Fri Jul 21 18:06:59 GMT 2000

On Sat, 22 Jul 2000, Karthikeyan.K.V wrote:

> Hi,
>     Iam using Red hat linux 6.1 with samba version 2.0.7 .I had compiled and
> used it,and also used the patch given for smbmount.c by Urban.But Strangely
> the smbmount version is still version 2.0.5a.Is this the correct version for
> smbmount since i thought when i upgraded samba from 2.0.5a to 2.0.7 smbmount
> would also be upgraded.Because iam still facing some problems in using
> smbmount.If iam not using the right version of smbmount, can anyone point me
> how to obtain the latest version.Any thoughts on this appreciated.

You probably have some old smbmount binary somewhere or if you compiled
your own you didn't configure samba to compile smbmount (you need to add
a --with-smbmount to ./configure).

If you configured it right you can use the 'which' command to tell you
which program it runs:

% which smbmount

Find the old version and remove the binaries for that (smbmount, smbmnt,
mount.smbfs. well, the last one should just be a symlink but check that
it points to the new smbmount).


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