SAMBA installation problems

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Fri Jul 21 10:33:09 GMT 2000

Dear samba developpers,
my name is Andrea and I'm trying to use your SAMBA program on my Silicon
Graphics INDY work station. I've visited your web site and I've downloaded
the 'samba53.2.0.6.tardist' file which (for what I understand) should
contain everything I need for the Operative System version 5.3. 

I've untared (from the italian 'starare', which means 
'tar -xvf samba53.2.0.6.tardist') and ... now what do I have to do? 
Nothing seems to work. I have some samba files but even if I start the
'samba' program I receive the error message:

pd001v530p00^ga^a^ga^e^esamba^ssamba: not found

I think that there is an error in what I'm doing.
Could you help me please? Thank you.


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