Net Use Command

Ong Mooi Lan mlong at
Fri Jul 21 06:31:41 GMT 2000

In my LAN, I have two server running on Novell Netware 4.1 & another server
running on RedHat 6.2 (Samba 2.0.7).  All clients pc running on Win95/Win98.

The clients can configured to logon to two server no problem.  However, when
I try to map the drive to shared drive using NET USE command as below:-

        net use m: /HOME or net use * /HOME

I will get message below:

        Enter the user name for server PCM2: XXX
        Enter the password for user XXX on server PCM2: ******

        Error 2233: The specified password is invalid. Type a different

The process will repeat three times before it map the available drive to
home directory.

        M: connected to \\PCM2\\XXX

If I remove the Client for Netware Network from the pc.  Net use will work

It seems to have some conflict with Novell Netware.

Is any body experience the same.  Please help.... SOS!!!!

Thank you

Ong Mooi Lan
email: mlong at

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