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Baldwin, Lloyd baldwin_l at
Wed Jul 19 18:26:19 GMT 2000

I recently downloaded and installed binary versions of Samba 2.0.7 on two
Sun Microsystems platforms running Solaris 7. One of the machines is an
Enterprise 5000 and the other is an Ultra 10. I set up both servers for USER
lever security and set all shares to be browseable. Both were set to be in
workgroup SUN. 

When first installed, both machines appeared in workgroup Sun under Entire
Network on pcs and shares could be mapped to network drives with no problem.
However, after using Samba for a couple of weeks, we have found that the Sun
workgroup only appears in the browser intermittently on most of the pcs. You
might see it on one pc but not on a pc next door. Tomorrow, you might be
able to see it on either or both. Sometimes one of the machines shows up in
the workgroup and the other does not. Refreshing the view in the browser
makes no difference; neither does rebooting the pc.
Shares can be mapped to network drives on a pc whether or not the workgroup
shows up on the pc, but it would be nice for the workgroup to show in the
browser consistently.  Can you shed any light on the problem?  Thanks.

Lloyd W. Baldwin
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