Samba 2.0.7 & HP-UX Installation problem

Peter Samuelson peter at
Wed Jul 19 14:54:17 GMT 2000

> i ran "configure" as root, and i worked on a non-NFS partition
> (vxfs).  However that didn't succeed...

Odd.  Did you also try hfs?  Not that it should have made much

> Nevertheless, i would say that i've worked without NFS installation
> since the beginning, and it may be precisely the problem, because
> deamons "lockd" & "statd" (processes NFS) are still running. Thus it
> seems to be logical if locking (which tries to use "lockd" without
> NFS) isn't available.

I doubt it.  lockd and statd should be harmless.

> I have resolved my problem, with a binary HP-UX/samba2-0-7 installation. 

That works too.


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