security=user and remote networks

David LANDGREN david.landgren at
Wed Jul 19 10:04:10 GMT 2000

Dear list,

I have a Sun running Samba 2.0.7 that I recently switched from
security=share to security=user. I have about 200 users who connect
locally, situated on a private network On top of that, I
have about 200 more users who connect through VPNs, but I inherited a weird
topology, and so they have addresses like,, and so on.

Before, when security=share, they were able to connect to various 'guest
ok=yes' shares, but now that security=user, they are locked out. What can I
do to let them have access again? Do I have to create user accounts for all
of them on the Sun, or is there some other way around this (given that they
won't ever use any authenticated shares).

Thanks for the clues,
David Landgren

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