win98/samba domain authorize

Michele Francis chele98m at
Tue Jul 18 21:07:52 GMT 2000

First, I am new to this samba stuff.

I am having trouble with a win98 machine to enter the
workgroup domain or I guess be authorized by the
server for logon to network services.  The user is all
setup (samba side, i.e. *.bat, lmhosts,...) and I can
utilize the user access and mount my server home
account and everything from a win95 client pc, BUT not
this win98 client.  So, I figured that the problem is
localized to the win98 pc.  I have check the pc name,
as indicated from the encryption, domain, and
diagnosis txt files from doc directory of samba.  So,
I can't figure out where and what I need to consider
further.  I have tried the samba archives but it
states that it is unavailable temporarily.
If anyone knows how to fix this problem.........HELP!

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