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James Kreuziger jkreuzig at massun.peds.mc.uci.edu
Tue Jul 18 17:23:30 GMT 2000


I don't know of any other solution besides Samba.  I'm 
running my installation on Solaris 2.6, and the installation 
was not that difficult.  I purchased the O'Reilly book 
"Using Samba", and followed the installation instructions.  
It took me all of 2 hours to get things up and running.  
Most of that was waiting for that compiler to finish
After that, I spent the next day setting up my current 
configuration.  Since then I have continued to tweak the 
smb.conf file as I learn.  

I do wonder.  Does your supervisor have other motives 
for not wanting Samba? 


Jim Kreuziger
Systems Manager
UCI Autism Research Project
jkreuzig at uci.edu

On Tue, 18 Jul 2000, Hawks, Steven L wrote:

> We are looking for another solution besides Samba, which will allow our
> application developers using Windows 95/98/NT to access share on our Sun Box
> running Solaris 2.6 operating systems. Our supervisor feels the Samba
> installation process is more complex than what we really need.
> Any suggestions?
> Steven Hawks
> NCR Corporation
> IT Services - GAD Sales and Business Infrastructure
> * 1529 Brown St., EMD/4, Dayton, Oh 45479
> * * (937) 445-3946, fax 445-0375, voiceplus 622-3946
> *  SH151002 at ncr.com

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