Samba is back up

Kourosh Ghassemieh kourosh at
Mon Jul 17 18:10:48 GMT 2000

I rolled back all the changes I'd made last week and finally got samba back 
up, but I still don't know what the problem was.  I think it may have 
something to do with name resolution but that is just based on the fact 
that the only change I had made to the network was the DNS server.  I was 
still seeing DNS queries going out from the samba server to the old DNS 
even after the change and I had restarted networking to make sure the 
change had taken.  The network is all behind the firewall and the samba 
server is a separate machine.  There is only one linux server running samba 
for file and print services and no NT machines, all client are win9x.  The 
windows machines could not see the samba server when browsing or even from 
the command line using net view or net use.  I had added the server to the 
lmhosts files on the clients but still no dice.  It is as if the clients 
could not see the server at all.  The only change I had made was to the 
DNS, I had not touched the smb.conf or hosts.allow files so I don't see 
what could have happened.

At least everything is back up.  I still would like to know what the 
problem was, though.

Thanks to everyone who helped.

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