Disk Size Issue

Peter Samuelson peter at cadcamlab.org
Sun Jul 16 05:57:05 GMT 2000

[Tommy_Hubert at nv.blm.gov <Tommy_Hubert at nv.blm.gov>]
> This has been OK until we started having problems with "disk full"
> errors encountered by some software.  My question is when we map to
> this directory it shows the map to be 16Mb in size, when in fact the
> filesystems linked under the directory total more than 32Gb.  Is
> there anyway to tell Samba to show a set size for the map????

I don't know if Samba has such an option or not, but one thing you
could do is have a hierarchy like

       +---home1 -> ..
       +---home2 -> /home2
       +---home3 -> /home3
       +---home4 -> /home4

      path = /home1/samba-homes

The point is that now Samba will report the free space in /home1.
Remember, it doesn't matter if you are telling the truth about free
space, as long as any single file operation doesn't exceed what is
reported (so Windows won't think it will run out of space *right*

The problem with the above is recursion.  Samba won't detect the
symlink loop, unfortunately, when Windows Explorer starts asking for a
recursive dir tree (someone hits Properties on a folder, say).  This is 
a Bad Thing.  You may be able to work around this with a `veto files'

                    *          *          *

Alternatively, you can just export user home directories directly, with
the [homes] magic share.  Then users should see their actual free
space, no recursion problems, etc.  Disadvantage is that they can't
easily browse each other's directories -- they must map them explicitly
(and blindly) since they won't be in the Netwk Neighb.


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