Joining a NT Domain

Peter Samuelson peter at
Sun Jul 16 05:34:32 GMT 2000

[Jean-Paul POZZI <storm66 at>]
> Unable to join domain "MY_DOMAIN".
> cli_net_auth2: Error NT_STATUS_NO_TRUST_SAM_ACCOUNT
> cli_nt_setup_creds: auth2 challenge failed
> modify_trust_password: unable to setup the PDC credentials to machine
> 2000/07/11 15:40:34 : change_trust_account_password: Failed to change
> password for domain "MY_DOMAIN".

Did you add the Samba box to your domain using the NT Server Manager?
You have to do that first.  (Unless you use samedit from Samba-TNG,
which can use the "other" interface.)

  Start -> Programs -> Administrative Tools -> Server Manager
    menu Computer -> Add to Domain...
    type the NetBIOS name of your Samba box

THEN try `smbpasswd -j MY_DOMAIN'.


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