Samba conf. problem - NetBIOS problem?

Peter Samuelson peter at
Sun Jul 16 03:59:19 GMT 2000

Evidently you missed the reply saying "please wrap your lines". (:

[George Adams <learningapache at>]
> However, once I removed NetBEUI and rebooted, I could no longer see
> any computers under Network Neighborhood.  When I tried to do a "NET
> USE * \\somemachine\someshare" in DOS, it gave me this error: "You
> must log on before performing this operation."

Did you give it, say, ten minutes to get its browse list up-to-date?

Did you try removing NetBEUI on multiple machines to see if they could
then see each other?

Does the Linux box see SECRETARY, with only TCP/IP enabled?  (Try

Your network is so small and simple that it shouldn't be necessary, but 
one thing that makes name lookups more reliable is WINS.  It's really
really simple to set up.  Add the line "wins support = yes" to your
smb.conf file, and add to your "wins address" lines on your 
Win95 boxes.

Yes, lines, plural.  Some versions of Windows seem to have a bug where
they do not use WINS unless both address boxes are filled in.  Use the
same IP number twice.


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