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Wayne wayne99 at
Sat Jul 15 19:36:18 GMT 2000

Thanks Chris, for responding;

I'm having some authentication problems on the windows side but I understand
this is typical and I've got a troubleshooting guide I'll go through before I
put out a broadcast for email help on that. However, there is another issue for
which I'll ask for assistance right away.

This request is lengthy but I'm trying to be specific and complete so it will
be easy for easier for someone to help.

It is important, on my network, for Linux to be able to see the
drives/file-systems on the windows systems and be able to work with them. I
have a windows NT (4.0-sp5) domain controller and some NT (4.0-sp5)
workstations and then there's the linux box running samba 2.0.5 on RedHat 6.1.

For mounting windows file systems to be visible and accessible from the Linux
system I understand I use smbmount or tcp_wrapper ( now I'm seeing news about
SMBwrapper ). I don't think tcp_wrapper comes with 2.0.5 (unless I missed
something). I did download samba 2.0.7 but haven't installed it yet (do I need
So here are my questions:

Is smbmount all I need to mount my windows-drives to be visible to linux? Which

Does tcp_wrapper replace smbmount and should I use tcp_wrapper instead? Which
version? and where should I get it.

Or should I use smbwrapper?

Can I do this without installing samba 2.0.7?

If installing 2.0.7 is advisable, what is involved in installing samba2.0.7
onto redhat?
I downloaded the samba-2_0_7.tar.gz file but on listing the contents (tar -t -z
...) it does not look like something the Redhat Package Manager will use. Is
there an RPM package of samba 2.0.7? Where?

I have Robert Eckstein's book USING SAMBA but there is not much information
about doing an NFS-like mount of windows filesystems. There's just a bit of
info here and there but it's not getting me where I need to go.

Can someone help me with these things?

Wayne (wayne99 at

Chris Watt wrote:

> At 09:42 15/07/00 +1000, Wayne wrote:
> >Is this where I mail for questions and suport on samba
> >connectivity?
> Support in the sense that we're mainly a bunch of people who also use Samba
> rather than support in the sense of a corporate tech-support department,
> but yes, That's us :) Welcome to the club.
> --
> "I've always wanted to be somebody.  Next time I'll be more specific."

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