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Christian Barth barth at
Sat Jul 15 13:41:10 GMT 2000


We had little trouble with the new samba parameter "inherit 

A couple of directories on our server (linux 2.2.15) use the setgid-
bit for thier funktionality as exchange directories. With samba-2.0.7 
and the default "inherit permissions = no" this stopped working: New 
subdirectories of setgid-directories no longer inherit the setgid-bit 
of thier parent-directories as in the previous verisons of samba and 
as it is unix standard. Soon or later our exchange directories 
(between students and staff) where brocken and we had to switch to 
"inherit permissions = yes" (With is a handy thing, but has a lot of 
impacts on a file system).

Because of this my proposal is:
The inherit permissions parameter should have 3 possibilities:

no:   like now, on permissions, including setgid are inherited.

unix: behaviour as in older samba versions, setgid of directories
      is inherited form the parent, like it is on unix. This should be
      the default.

yes:  like now.

Thanks for samba,


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